As CEO of my life and All Things Pretty, I’ve learned over the years that you don’t have to be “special”, to be “special”. And what I mean by that is you don’t have to possess any great talent to be special at something. Growing up, as you’ll find on my blog, I had more hardships, heartbreaks and headaches than any child ever needed to experience to turn out half-way sane! But what I figured out at a very early age is that I had to try my best and push myself. Push past my fears…Push past my own insecurities and learn how to quiet the voices around me that didn’t know any better, but thought it would be wise to give me direction. I learned by the age of 10, that I just had to push myself, because oftentimes there wasn’t going to be anyone else there to do it for me.

That “aha” moment at 10 years old changed my life. I became an entrepreneur that year, making my first $500 over the summer, and from that summer business grew a confidence and self-awareness that I never knew I possessed. I thank my younger self almost daily for being so brave. I owe her EVERYTHING!

For years people have told me that my life sounds like a book. Well, I feel I have so much more to do before, “that book” happens, but what you’ll find on, is me being Maja. Lover of quotes, Motivational Meme’s and anything it takes to get all of us out of our own way! I believe there is more than enough for each of us, therefore, I believe in sharing knowledge. Here, I’ll share triumphs and failure, set-backs and wins. Because at the end, it’s not the loss that takes you out of the game, it’s how you respond to any defeat that will set you up for your ultimate success.

I came here to win and if you visit my site, I hope it motivates you to do the same!





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