The Business Breakdown Event – July 2022



Saturday 7/30/22
The Power Session: Regular Admission 10-1 pm  – $497

This is great for a newbie or veteran entrepreneur. This session will allow for Q&A as we share not just the what, but the “how” to help you grow and develop in any industry. If you’re looking to grow or have felt stuck this session is about truth and transparency to show you how to grow your business in any market with the tools available using USDA, HUD and County Development Funding & Resources.


The Biz Strategy & Planning Session: 10am – 6pm VIP  – $997
This is designed to go through all the challenges and needs of your business and red tape. Growing presents many obstacles and even the best of us can feel stuck or lost. Performing at the level it takes to sustain a business that earns six or seven figures is tough in real estate when you don’t have the right information.

This is an intense business strategy and development session.  Perfect for entrepreneurs in real estate, new to the industry, or those FEELING STUCK. We will break down your big goals, explore all revenue streams and develop a complete plan of action. You will leave with a plan to execute using all the funding sources available through sources that MUST spend the budget. We will show you HOW to take that money and match it to your existing project or idea.


Live Stream  – $147- Live stream the event! Don’t miss a moment! 


$600 Private Dinner – this is a VIP dinner only 10 seats available. You will sit with other industry leaders to break bread and have one-on-one time together to finally your tribe. (Saturday only ) Dinner included.

Virtual Replay: $97

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