Let God use you!

There will always be people that only want what they can get out of others. That’s simply the way it goes sometimes. It’s your job to learn the lesson the first time and not allow the same behavior from different people. They may look different, but the behavior is the same so, it’s kinda the same person all over again!

It’s their fault the first time. It’s mine when I allow it to happen again!

At this point in my life I just use my spirit of discernment. A red flag is a deal breaker more often than not because I’ve lived long enough to know that a tiger doesn’t change his stripes.

The wrap up… I don’t like bumping my head so, I don’t allow people to use me. If I do anything at this point I’m going the extra mile for the man upstairs because I know that He’s never taken anything from me that was meant to be mine. And anything lost has always been paid back tenfold.

Happy February 28th!

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