There are NO MISTAKES!

Sometimes you just have to sit back and let Him do His thing. I’m not telling you what I think, but what I know for sure and I’m a living witness love-bugs.

Listen, there are things that just happen. Everything is not your fault. And let’s not be children and not take responsibility for storms that we create, but there are things that happen that you did not cause and you’ll look up and your life will be spinning out of control. That’s called life. Everything is not about you. There will be times that you’re simply a casualty of war.

But, let me tell you how good God is! Whatever it is you thought you lost He’ll slide in with a repayment in an instant that’s far greater than anything you ever lost. What would take you 10 years to do on your own He can position you in a moment.

So, the wrap up here is this…know that bad things happen to good people. He did not put us on this earth to be a punching bag and to have endless suffering so, you better pray when you need to pray. But, start moving your feet. When you take one step.. I promise He will take two. You will get on the other side of this. Keep moving! ????????

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