You can’t win if you’re afraid to lose

It’s not always the devil. Sometimes it’s just plain on you standing in your own way.
I mean it! I get so tired of people saying, “the devil is busy” or “I’m just gonna wait on God.” Nope, the devil ain’t busy all the time. Sometimes you’re just procrastinating or being lazy. And throwing God’s name around like He hasn’t already sent you 1001 signs, talent and opportunity. He’s done his part. He’s waiting on you now because you must understand you’re not the only person He can bless.

So, stop being afraid of your own shadow and get out there and bust a move. Things are never as hard as you’ve made them out to be in your mind. Yes, there will be obstacles and challenges, but it will not be impossible. You’re probably not the first person to do just about anything you’re pursuing so, let that be your motivation. If He did it for them then He will certainly do it for you.

Stop believing everything, “they said!” Who is “they” and what have “they” done that makes them an authority on all the reasons you shouldn’t pursue your dreams. It baffles me that people need 100 people to approve something in life that will take to the next level, but don’t care if anybody agrees when they’re on “some can’t get right” and operating out of order. Nope, you don’t need any approval there so, stop looking for an excuse not to be excellent and just start moving those feet.

The wrap up…after a series of conversations with a few people that have done very well in business I’ve concluded they we’re just out here playing way too small. The world is literally at our fingertips so, anything we want to start or launch can be done. It’s time to just starting elevating.

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